The birth of Aspire Nepal happened with an aim to bolster domestic tourism. When the hospitality industry was succumbing to the after-effects of COVID in Nepal almost all the stakeholders in the industry were facing havoc. With huge investments made for the Visit Nepal 2020 year, all the hopes service providers had, was lost. So, to recover the damage that struck the hospitality industry, Aspire Nepal started bringing packages and tour plans especially tailor-made for Nepalese travelers.
Having a fleet of over 20 self-owned 4WD vehicles which consists of the top conditioned Toyota Land Cruisers and Mahindra Scorpios under the banner of Trithunga Travels, Aspire Nepal has been serving each journey with utmost comfort and luxury to its customers. With options of ready-to-move packages, any traveler can just get into one of the 4WDs at their comfort and kick-off to their adventures. For the new-age travelers as we say, this ready-to-move facility has aided to make anyone who has a busy lifestyle get a vacation in their dates and availability rather than the conventional style of waiting for the move-in date from a travel agency which is practiced mostly here in Nepal.


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